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Privacy Policy

Slow Fashion Sthlm AB’s Privacy Policy

Slow Fashion Sthlm AB protects your privacy. You should feel safe when you entrust us with your personal data. Therefore, we have established this policy. It is based on current data protection legislation and clarifies how we work to safeguard your rights and your privacy. The purpose of this policy is to let you know how we process your personal data, what we use it for, who can access it and under what conditions, and how you can exercise your rights. Who is responsible for the personal data collected? Slow Fashion Sthlm AB, 559243-9730, with address Ranhammarsvägen 20, 168 67 BROMMA, is the data controller for the company’s processing of personal data.

What is personal data and what is processing of personal data?

Personal data is any information that can be directly or indirectly attributed to a living natural person. For example, images and audio recordings processed on a computer can be personal data even if no names are mentioned. Encrypted data and different types of electronic identities (e.g. IP numbers) are personal data if they can be linked to natural persons. Processing of personal data is anything that happens to the personal data. Any action taken with personal data constitutes processing, whether or not it is carried out by automated means. Common processing operations include collection, recording, organization, structuring, storage, processing, transfer and erasure.

How do we access your personal data?

We also access your personal data in the following ways;

  • Data that you provide to us directly
  • Data recorded when you visit our website.
  • Data we receive from public registers
  • Data we receive when you hire one of our employees
  • Data we receive when you register for our courses or seminars.
  • Data we receive when you sign up for newsletters and other mailings.
  • Data we receive when you respond to questionnaires and surveys
  • Data we receive when you contact us, apply for employment with us, visit us or otherwise contact us.
  • Information we receive from Klarna when you place an order by phone, email or through our website.

What personal data does Slow Fashion Sthlm AB collect about you as a customer and for what purpose?

We process the following personal data;

  • Your name,
  • Social security number,
  • Telephone number
  • Accounting address
  • E-mail address

We process your personal data primarily to fulfill our obligations to you under agreements and applicable legislation. Our starting point is not to process more personal data than necessary for the purpose, and we always strive to use the least privacy-sensitive data. We also process your personal data in order to provide you with good service, for example with regard to follow-up and information about our products and services, our marketing and the performance of customer and market analyses. In the case of processing, we obtain your consent before we start processing your personal data in case it is needed. We do this by having you fill in explicit consent clauses in cases where the processing is based on consent. We do not process personal data other than when they are needed to fulfill contractual and legal obligations.

Who might we share your personal data with?

Our starting point is not to disclose your personal data to third parties if you have not consented to it or if it is not necessary to fulfill our contractual or legal obligations. In cases where we disclose personal data to third parties, you will be informed of this.

What are your rights as a data subject?

Right of access (so called register extracts). We are always open and transparent about how we process your personal data and if you want to get a deeper insight into what personal data we process about you, you can request access to the data.

Right to rectification.

You can request the rectification of your personal data if the data is inaccurate. Within the framework of the stated purpose, you also have the right to supplement any incomplete personal data.

Right to erasure.

You can request the erasure of personal data we process about you if:

  • The data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected or processed.
  • You object to a balance of interests we have made based on legitimate interest and your reason for objecting outweighs our legitimate interest.
  • You object to processing for direct marketing purposes.
  • The personal data is processed in an unlawful manner.
  • The personal data must be erased to comply with a legal obligation to which we are subject.

Please note that we may have the right to refuse your request if there are legal obligations that prevent us from immediately deleting certain personal data. These obligations stem from accounting and tax legislation, banking and money laundering legislation, but also from consumer law. The processing may also be necessary for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims. Should we be prevented from complying with a request for erasure, we will instead block the personal data from being used for purposes other than the purpose that prevents the requested erasure.

Right to restriction

You have the right to request that our processing of your personal data be restricted. If you contest the accuracy of the personal data we process, you can request a restriction of processing for the time we need to verify the accuracy of the personal data. If we no longer need the personal data for the identified purposes, but you need it for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims, you can request restricted processing of the data by us. This means that you can request that we do not delete your data.

Right to object to certain types of processing.

You always have the right to avoid direct marketing and to object to any processing of personal data based on a balance of interests. Direct marketing You have the possibility to object to the processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes. The objection also covers the analysis of personal data (so-called profiling) carried out for direct marketing purposes. Direct marketing refers to all types of outreach marketing activities (e.g. by post, email and SMS).

How long do we keep your personal data?

Slow Fashion Sthlm AB never saves personal data longer than what is considered necessary for the purpose of the processing.

Where do we process your personal data?

We always strive for your personal data to be processed within the EU/EEA and all our own IT systems are located within the EU/EEA.

What does it mean that Datainspektionen is the supervisory authority?

The Data Inspectorate is responsible for monitoring the application of the legislation, and anyone who believes that a company is handling personal data incorrectly can file a complaint with the Data Inspectorate.

How to contact us for data protection issues?

Because we take data protection very seriously, we have dedicated customer service staff to deal with these issues, and you can always reach them at .